Shock & Awe album launch - The Subway - 14/10/2005

Shock and Awe pulls a good crowd. There must have been a hundred folks waiting for the piledriving Shock and Awe experience. God knows what they thought when the violin came out and everything went pink. So that's what he meant by post-punk? They did clap though. Nice one!
Silhouettes work best when it's your second late night of the week. Driving snow reflects the mood of "Escape to Golden Beach". Everything disappears as the problems fly thicker and faster.
You can't tell, but despite the warm image the guitar really cuts at this point. Looks like I'm wearing a Doonican-style polo, unfortunately. Thanks to Shock and Awe for the guest slot. Let's do it again!
These sharp shots are courtesy of the all-seeing lens of Malcolm McLean. Thanks, Mallie!

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