Live at the Orchestra Pit 18/02/2004

These are stills from a video of the Orchestra Pit show. First on was Mindlobster followed by srmeixner. Both showed film and both were completely synthesised so my Gibson was the only guitar in the house - very unusual. The sound was perfect and the continuous rehearsal has allowed me to find space to vary the music even within the very tight constraints of the recorded backing. My favourite songs were the newest : The Real You and the 7 minute version of Live from Bass Rock blasted out the bhangra beat with a high degree of attenuation indeed. I had the time of my life and the video proves the forty or so attendees were also delighted with the show. A killer Horrorshow closed the 25 minutes set, to the evident pleasure of a few Scars fans who had ventured out to East London.

It was also my pleasure to perform Echo City for Giles from the Echo City ensemble, who inspired the song in the first place. Respect!

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