Live at the Citrus Club, Edinburgh 13/10/2005

These excellent photos were taken by Malcolm McLean at the John Peel day show at the Citrus Club. Last time I played here was in 1980!

Fab nite! I wanted to make sure the visuals worked properly, since I knew there might be a few sceptical old faces around. Had to screw my projector into the ceiling to get an image, and spent the next three hours worrying if it was gonna drop on someone's head. Shouldn't have worried, though. Dave Carson warmed up the fast-growing crowd with an Optimo-style collection of banging beats and Stooges licks. By the time I got on the place was nice and hot, and my stuff went down a treat. It was risky, but when Skate Life Emotion parped into life I resisted the urge to fast-forward it, picked up my violin and did something new. The whole set went down a storm, and for an encore I bemused the by-now-packed dancefloor by storming it with a pair of bouncers and a Black&Decker and dismantling the projector. Ronnie stood at the bottom shouting "Paul, you're a true renaissance man!" I was a happy man indeed.

Nice stuff from W. Mysterious and TV21, and a special mention for the Twinsets who were witty, snappy and as gorgeous as ever.

It really a pleasure to play at the John Peel gig. The Scars did two JP sessions and if not for his show, I don't know how we could have ever thought of being played on the radio. Everyone used to listen his show especially for the sessions, but I was into him since my cousin Doug introduced me to it in 1974 (Neu playing Hallow Gallow is the first track I remember). Thanks John!

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