Scars Moments

Do You Remember The Scars?

These pages are about The Scars - a Scottish group of the late 70's and early 80's whom many remember with affection. Despite a fair amount of music press coverage, and a golden period of ubiquity in 1981, until recently their thread in rock's rich tapestry has been long since unpicked.

The Scars only video was made before MTV, when the only programme showing videos was TOTP. Its only airing was on a documentary about Scottish music, tragically entitled Jock'N'Roll.

Scars' recorded output - 3 singles, two John Peel sessions, an appearance on Old Grey Whistle Test, and one wonderful album - predated digital media. But now their only album, the classic Author! Author! is available for sale again, from this website via Scars own label PreVS. It has been remastered and repackaged, and sounds even bigger, more mysterious and more sexy than you remember it!

Buy Author! Author! now.

Now, as (most of) the Scars generation pushes on through its 40s and realises that teenage kicks are no longer even a distant memory, it searches the web for reminders of its own youth. Hope you enjoy these pages!

After a few years, life on the road was pretty much the same whether it was the road to Philadelphia or the road to Aberdeen. This version of The Scars story now commences with a report of our very first gig and extends to our last major performance in London.

The Lovely Lads
The music press loves Author! Author!
Balerno Village Hall 1977
The Anti-Nazi League Festival
Teenage Rampage at Clouds
Stiff Test/Chiswick Challenge
Press breakthrough at The Astoria
Smash Hits photo session
Scottish Power
The Venue June 1982
Assorted Images

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