En Route to Where?

This photograph was taken at the end of the Love Song tour. We had supported Human League all over England, but we'd had to pay for the privilege, being no longer part of the Fast Product set. We'd bump into Bob Last at the more high-profile shows - "oh no, The Scars have gone arty", he complained. After the final show we travelled back through Gloucestershire to London. All our gear had been nicked and replaced during the course of the tour, and the record itself was neither a hit nor even well-received. Not quite as bad as They Came and Took her, seemed to be the press opinion. I never heard it on the radio at all.

We recorded it at Britannia Row in Islington, and the rcord company A&R guys (tried to) produce it. But listening to it today it is a poor record, brittle sound and error-prone guitar. The song wasn't too bad but we were trying to make a hit and that is a sure recipe for compromise. But the b-side was a cover of Psychomodo by Cockney Rebel, which always sounded good live, and the cover was the best one by Rocking Russian - lurid pink and blue, like the tour poster.

Looking at the body language, you can see how fed up we were at the end of the tour.

Still, as we were all only 20 years of age and very handsome at the time, it wasn't all bad news. Mac took loads of photos at the time, and here are some of them.