John gets funkier all the time. Its been a long time since his bass powered "I Understand That She's In Love With You", but now he's supplying more kinetic bass propulsion to the latest Paul Research recordings. Four new tracks of negative drive and passive aggression are now busting out of laptops all across the Central Belt of Scotland.

In League, Lead Viola, The Real You are the tracks in question. Next step is to decontruct all the other parts and revamp them to take into account the great new guitar sounds courtesy of my new Pod, and my newly rediscovered horrible, negative attitude which I somehow forgot about this year.

I played at Optimo in March. After the gig I chatted with a few people, one of whom was telling me intently about his band, and wondering whether I'd want to play guitar with them for a couple of gigs. Never been in a band where the guitar was optional, so I said mail me, expecting to hear nothing more. About a month later Leighton Jones, the keyboard player, has sent me a CD with some real quirky piano-driven tunes in all kind of difficult keys and time-signatures. All practice for the next three weeks was taken up with learning their stuff in my studio. When we finally got together to rehearse in Glasgow the path didn't run smooth and bit by bit all my little eccentricities were chipped away till I was just providing basic backup guitar chops.

The warm-up gig at the Edinburgh College of Art was a gas, everybody really fired up for it. Unfortunately the major show at the Skye Festival didn't go quite so well to begin with. We came on way earlier than billed, knackered from the drive up, gear malfunctioned, you name it. By the end of the set things had improved but there was still the small matter of the 5 hour journey home.

Never mind - that's showbiz!

Stephen contacted me to sound me out about reissuing some Scars tunes on his label Geographic. At the time he was in a state he described as a Scars-frenzy. We met up and got along well. As The Pastels were due in the studio shortly, he and Katrina invited me in to play for a day. The track is called slowly taking place, and I think my contribution adds a 60s TV

TV theme type feel. Can't wait for the album to come out.


Some collaborations you have to work hard, but this one happened without me having to do much more than turn up and tune up. Just jamming with Nick and Fred would have been great, but doing it in some of the top UK venues in front of completely mental crowds as the highlight of their set was literally breathtaking.

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Kentish Town Forum 12/3/05

AUGUST 2002 - IAIN STEWART The video element of my live show was originally Iain's idea. He is a photographer really, but for this project he edited a load of video I'd shot in Japan and London, and made a few films of his own to go along with it. We were going to target art spaces, but after the first two shows it became obvious that it was more of a rock show than an art event, and Iain moved on. I'm still using some of the films he edited, but I do all the new ones now. Hopefully we can do something together again.

APRIL 2002 - THE EXCHANGE Paul Research participated in the performance of Giles Perring's "The Exchange" on 28th April 2002.
It was an eventful half hour with contributions from all round the world, including the Pentland Hills. Myself and Iain took the video camera up to the top of Kirkgate and filmed me singing into my mobile phone as part of Giles' live set in London. The DVD is great.

I had previous performed with The Unmen and also took part in the first performance of The Exchange.