Paul Research Live Event

Live at The Subway - 25/04/04

25th April - The Subway, Edinburgh The Subway is a huge black shell in Cowgate adorned with elements of a 70s lounge. Mirrors with curved corners nestle hign on the walls. a support pillar is rooted in what looks like a funereal breakfast bar.

I stand on one stage and the screen stands on another. It's a mistake. The 30 people in the place look like they're watching tennis. And yet, the visuals, way over there, are pin sharp and very bright.

I enjoy the show greatly. It was at the Subway that I realised that small-scale shows - cabaret-style - are probably the realistic way forward as long as I keep playing in this format. 30 people observed the gig - the photograph shows that even at a distance of several meters there is no obstacle to a clear shot of my whole body. The audience includes Alice from Alleschwindel, who ended the evening with a whimsical set of parodies, and the entire membership of New Rosy Jewels of Glasgow, who had opened the evening. They were deafening and intriguing, especially the contrast of poses between the female and male members of the band, who were by turns sulky, persistent, ferocious and nonchalant.