Assorted Images

The day we played The Marquee, special guests of The Cure. The day Paul du Noyer interviewed us for the NME. But most of all, the day I bumped into Norman Wisdom in Leicester Square.
Photo by Chris Horler, 1979.
On tour with the Human League, The most advanced technological accomplishments in entertainment were on display night after night. No, I'm not talking about the eyepopping slideshows and microelectronic prowess of the headliners, but this amazing hand-made bass guitar, designed and built by its owner with no assistance whatsoever. From anyone. The punk ethos par excellence.
Photo by Laurie Evans, 1980.

Photo session for Adult/ery sleeve. The night when we ditched our punk names. And dropped the "The" from The Scars for recording purposes. Just one last item of knitware to go and we'll be ready to rumble...
Photo by Hilary Morrison, 1979.
In Amsterdam. Three years before Frankie Goes To Hollywood, twenty years before "I Love 1981", Paul Morley's quiff angled its way into my life. If I'd known what a great review he was about to publish I'd have smiled a bit more.
Photo by Peter Anderson, 1981.

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