Scars Moments

The Astoria August 1980

On this particular evening we were all attending the same gig at the Astoria in Edinburgh. Also attending was a music journalist named Garry Bushell, who is now a well-known media pundit in the UK. Having learned of his presence I introduced myself to him and explained that The Scars were a phenomenon waiting to happen, and how cool it would be for him to write about our new, original sound and stage presence. He was in fact scouting around Edinburgh that weekend in search of the local scene, and had already "collected" a number of bands. He was sufficiently impressed by my panache to instruct the photographer who accompanied him named Virginia Turbott to take this photograph and a number of others. One featured us lying down on the pavement in Abbeyhill.

Unfortunately there was no performance of our band scheduled to take place that weekend, but he was amenable to my suggestion that he attend our rehearsal next day at Mike's Studio, and as good as his word, he turned up the following evening. We played through our set in the small room while Garry Bushell - now a household word, but then a keen propagandist for Sham 69 and Cockney Rejects - wrote intently in a notebook on his lap.

When I went to the bog, Guy, who had been peeking over his shoulder, followed me excitedly. "You should see what he's writing - fantastic, brilliant - it's unbelievable!". Two weeks later our wee faces were centrespread in Sounds, and we were picked out as Edinburgh's most likely to. We had got more publicity just for hanging out together than the record company had managed to buy in a year.

My confidence at that time was unassailable.

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