Begin/Again 28/11/2002

Thursday night at the Edinburgh College of Art was the first time I performed in Scotland for several lifetimes. The large screen loomed above me and the bright images jerked and swirled around. I looked up from time to time, seeing the whole thing from a new angle. Images of Japan and Bali, Edinburgh and London, and our own Golden Gate Bridge - the one that crosses over to Fife. Imagine how this would look against the side of a building...

Iain Stewart had pulled out all the stops for this show, and the weeks of effort pulling the films together was close to completion. A final pre-show thrill as we synchronised the CD backing and the start of the film - screwing up this one moment would wreck much of the interplay between the sound and the vision. Against the odds, the sound was blasting and I enjoyed the extra reverb coming back from the hard surfaces of the underpopulated dancefloor. I could see the concentration on people's faces as the flow of images and slogans tumbled out, supporting and contradicting the lyrics.

And, freed by my wireless kit from a guitar lead for the first time, I ran backwards and forwards below the screen and bounced up and down on the spot. Everything was fine, we can begin again.

Here are some images from the 50-minute show which features three sections : a post-punk set, a film interlude backed by new instrumental pieces, and a stomping glam-rock closer.

Press on the Pink Dancer to hear the final tune - the previously unrecorded "We Can Begin Again". Press on the Red Bridge to hear the new instrumental "Skate Life Emotion". Press on the closeup guitar to see the setlist.

By the way, the Pink Dancer was filmed strutting her stuff at La Belle Angele, which was sadly reduced to ashes on 7th December 2002, along with much of Cowgate.