Paul Research : Echo City EP

At long last! New melodies, new absurdity. Now the guitar hangs back in respect of the vocal in acknowledgement of the real rock sound. Now it pushes forward, tired of waiting for its turn.

Echo City - the city that likes to say yes. The city that likes to repeat what you say.

For full effect, follow the links.

When You're In Love STEREO

Stigmata Of A Sham Artist

Echo City STEREO

In Space

The intention was to create something which reminds us of 70s glam rock, which showcases the mysterious talent of collaborators John Wren and Iain Stewart, and which addresses the troublesome issue of vocal melody. As always, variety and interest were the important principles. As usual, mainstream attractiveness was way down the priority list. As before I was full of ideas for music, but this time the trap to avoid was repetition of past histrionics.

Anyway, it all came out in the wash. See the links to the individual tracks for details of the thought behind the racket.

Paul Research noise was reviewed in Rainsound , who noted a resemblance to Tuxedomoon. As Donny Osmond might have sung "...and they called it Psychodeath In Space..." And how could I disappoint those Skinny Puppy and Steve Hackett fans who had been alerted by the Italian 'zine for afficianadi of Jock'n'roll! And may I also highlight this time round some passing resemblance with glam noise, Stuart Adamson, Moby and sensory deprivation techniques! If you want to hear it for yourself, follow the links to any of the indicated pieces and you can play them now, using the easily available RealPlayer audio streaming software. Technical note : put your mobile phone to silent mode!

If you want your own CD of Echo City (duration 17 minutes), send 10 or the equivalent in your local currency to :

Paul Research c/o Personal Best, P.O. Box 28628, Currie, EH14 5WD, UK.

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